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Current CV and Teaching Portfolio

Current CV. Please contact me for reference information.

Teaching Portfolio

Syllabi for Courses Given

Sample Syllabi

Cultural Foundations I: Desire (World Literatures and Cultures - Ancient and Classical Sequence) NYU

Long Version

Animal, Monstre, Humain: Les êtres humains et non-humains dans la littérature française médiévale

Cultural Foundations II: Voyages and Voyagers (World Literatures and Cultures - c. 600-1600 Sequence) NYU

Long Version

French and Francophone Women’s Cinema 1900-2010: From Cinema’s Origins to New Wave, “New Extremism,” and the Gallery

Syllabus for French 21F (French for Beginners, First Semester) MIT

Short Version

Textbook: Parallèles

Animals and Power in Literature and Theory - A Graduate-Level Syllabus

Syllabus for Intensive Beginning French, MIT

Long Version

Textbook: Parallèles

Syllabus for Autour de la Table du Moyen Âge au 18e siècle (French Literature Survey)

Northeastern University

Short Version


Sample Language Activities

Sample Literature Activities

"Les tâches ménagères" introduction, with video

clip from Le Petit Nicolas

Book of songs - Zhou art, writing, and poetry workshop with audio - Powerpoint with audio and lecture notes

"Les tâches ménagères" vocabularly clinic

with expressions of frequency, group interview,

reading of survey results, and comic.

Chaucer - "Wife of Bath" - Sample discussion questions and debate topic